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GPS Navigation – Free Driving Directions

Free Driving Directions – GPS Voice Navigation – Place Finder App

GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder is the necessary and top app for all the android smartphones.

Download Now: GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder   

It is free for all to download from Google Play STORE. So, Download Now!
First of all, this GPS app is a great Tool for finding, locating and navigating addresses and is very easy by using World Map View and street view sitemaps of earth. Free Driving Directions – GPS Voice Navigation – Place Finder is all-in-one app.


Today, people are interested in location-based services and the scope will rise in the coming years. The number of people taking advantage of GPS navigation apps has increased to a surprising level in recent years. 

GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder allows you to decide the area and earth view, around you according to live satellite view and maps created by it. GPS navigation Tools has every street view marking required elements of route by real street view positioning.

Maps Navigation Tools contains marked places and anyone can determine the area of your family, companions and can track live speed of your vehicle without using the speedometer of the vehicle, just one click and you know all about live traffic on routes, the speed of your own vehicle and much more.

Maps Navigation, Free Driving Directions, Live Route App

Maps Navigation – Live Route – Directions, Place Finder also recommends some worth mentioning itineraries for your best travel experience. GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder is the finest app for offline GPS navigation, travelling people and the drivers because it provides places & route finder and traffic finder. Traffic Layer/Traffic Finder is a unique online navigation feature which is only in this app.

Traffic finder free of GPS maps & navigation provides the various categories of Google Roads like heavy traffic roads, slow traffic roads and normal traffic roads. This application is of different practical uses like Fields area measure, area measurement by walking and Distance Measuring and GPS area measurement app for roof area estimation.



GPS Navigation Tools uses the accurate methods for distant area measurements and. Address location finder and find my address will fetch the longitude and latitude, current state and city with location. Google Latitude will catch the location and address of the phone’s current location.

You can share your location with anyone to let them know where you are. GPS Navigation Tools is an ultimate locator. Compass is an essential feature of any GPS app and therefore this app does have a compass feature.

Get your position on a map with maps navigation and free driving directions apps. It’s time to get your required direction and navigate freely. Navigating has never been this easy with route finders. Now you can roam freely around the world without worrying about getting lost.

Real compass providing you free driving directions, also measure GPS speed with GPS speedometer. Compass magnetic fields show directions on maps along with altitude speed. All android users all over the globe can benefit from this app. Secure time and perform voice search with voice assistant map app.

Find the shortest and easiest less traffic route available with Maps navigation app. We will suggest the best route available to reach our destination. It will show you the maximum time it will take from start to end to reach a specific point. Explore the world without any guilt. Multiple types of map views are available in the app like satellite, normal, terrain.

Find out real time direction with compass direction. This app will help you provide the best navigating experience, all you have to do is download it. Tour any location and also share it with your friends and family. Visit and travel the beautiful countries around the world, check nearby places and much more.   

GPS navigation tools for 2021 are completely free as both offline and online GPS Navigation apps for your routes and trips. Offline maps and Great search can make your journey effortless and a lot easier. Always arrive at the target location because instructions are easy to follow.




Traffic information – live accurate and precise traffic information about conditions on the road. Traffic jam information, Danger alarms, closures and more

Offline– without internet connection. Save your data at home, outside or abroad

Navigation – see shortest route and navigate to map location, address , GPS coordinates

Voice – Hear exact turn by turn instruction and navigate with navigation that talks! You can choose your own voice

Walking and driving – for both pedestrian and car navigation with route, its ideal

GPS location – follow and see your GPS location on GPS maps anywhere in the world

3D Map – detailed and precise 3D maps of your area and entire world with free updates of maps

Great search – your target location with great ease

Speed limits – know the speed limits of the areas in which you are driving

Travel book – it’s a great feature if you are a traveler and love to visit beautiful places

MAP COVERAGE – Whole world is there in this one app

  •  Asia
  •  North America
  •  South America
  •  Africa
  •  Europe
  •  Australia
  •  Middle East

So, are you thinking of developing a maps navigation app? Well, that’s the right decision because of the rising demand for these apps. You will not regret your right choice. When you search for navigation apps, Google maps will come to your mind. But there are some other apps available that are even better than Google navigation app. 

The bright example of free driving directions app is GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder. This article will cover all the amazing features of this GPS navigation app. Also we will guide you how to create a map app like free driving directions.

The Concept of Free Driving Directions App

Let us make clear that another name of GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder is Free Driving Directions – GPS Voice Navigation app. It is a totally FREE GPS maps app. Find traffic information, parking spots, GPS voice navigation, live maps, travel books, travel tips from users, shortest route to reach destination, 3D maps, route for both pedestrians and drivers, route details and much more. 

This app helps you make the right decisions while driving or travelling. One of the many unique features of the live traffic route app is that it supports voice search and directs drivers with accurate crowdsource information. This app improves service as a whole by sending location and speed information anonymously back to its database. Place finder app provides real-time traffic updates, turn-by-turn voice navigation, traffic accidents and location based alerts. 

As we secure all data in the database, therefore, it becomes extremely easy for us to report mapping and navigation errors – and that too by simply running the app. Now let’s take a deeper look at the stunning traits of this app.

How does the app work?

With more than 100,000+ installs GPS navigation app is trusted and used by thousands of drivers around the world. Share real-time routes information, traffic conditions, and road repair with other drivers. Using this app you can notify other people about weather conditions, blocked roads, accidents, real street view positioning etc.

If you share any of the above mentioned information, the app immediately analyses it to ensure that others take the right route. Driving direction route planner app is legitimate as the official navigation app. 

Different From Traditional GPS Navigation App

GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder differs from other GPS navigation apps as it provides precise map data and traffic information. Gathering complementary data with strong navigation software makes it a strong option to go for.

Free driving directions app collects complete data of nearby routes and roads thus providing you the accurate shortest route with minimal traffic. Every time the app runs it starts gathering data. After comparing data of all available routes the apps come up with the most optimal route based on your preferences. 

Works Both Offline & Online

Driving direction route planner app works online but also has offline support. Means the maps still show & load  routes even when you’re offline. However, an internet connection is required for real-time powering of traffic information. Online connection keeps the navigation maps up to the minute. 

Getting your location and navigating has never been this easy. For all aspects to work properly you should consider a secure and uninterruptible data connection. Intermittent connections could still provide information but we can’t guarantee the accurateness and reliability of data. Though the app will still try to load live routes, hazards and traffic alerts. Without internet connection you can’t share the route details. GPS Navigation – Live Route Finder app doesn’t keep up with cache reports. 

Completely FREE

We believe in providing free services to users that’s why we don’t charge even a single penny from you. However, we have implemented ads which help us keep going. Location related ads help business owners attract the attention of drivers to their location. While driving you can get the most relevant ads of your destination and advertisements of nearby restaurants, shops, hospitals etc. Analyzing your whole route. 

As a local business owner you can claim spots on maps, show local ads to drivers, send targeted messages and much more. In short, even the ads in this app are a perfect treat.

Components necessary to create an app like this

If you are looking forward to developing an app like this, there are certain components you should be aware of. 

GPS Map Navigation

Satellite data is the key when it comes to determining the best route. A map navigation app like GPS Navigation – Live Route Finder also gathers data from your mobile devices to monitor traffic activity, to compare routes and to show road hazards. 

Crafting and scheming an optimal route is hard. We have some strong routing algorithms installed in our servers which determine the shortest possible routes to reach a destination. As you search a route, the request is sent to our server which then transmits the optimal route back to your mobile device. 

Suggested routes vary widely based on the settings – dirt free shortest route, avoid toll roads & highway. No matter which route you choose, the app shows the map. With GPS data and phone’s sensor information the app can easily inform you of your speed limits. The free driving directions app sends you alerts if it detects you’re breaking the speed limits. Fully customisation settings to adjust according to your needs. 

As you open the navigation app the interface loads 3D map view. The map displays traffic information, your current location, optimal route to your destination and a lot more. Driving directions app requires authorisation thus providing a much more comfortable platform to leave reviews and notes. 

Travel Book Management

Travel book is another nifty feature for travellers. Travel plans allow drivers to visit their favourite destinations and set future dates. When the time arrives you can just start navigation with just a few taps. Another impressive feature would be to remind your users about the departure time so that they’ll appear on time. Add trips to the calendar and enjoy exploring the world.

This navigation app guides you to plan a perfect trip by showing you famous spots around your destination, nearest parking lot and more than meets the eye. Consider yourself in an unfamiliar designation and then you find this free driving directions app. Isn’t it great?

GPS Voice Search

We can’t deny the fact that another name of driving is concentration. Looking at a map consistently while driving is dangerous and problematic too. Turn-by-turn GPS voice navigation is a must have feature. In fact, we can’t imagine a navigation app without a voice navigation attribute. 

This feature guides the driver where to go, which road to choose, traffic alerts, optimal route notifications etc. However, if you find these features irritating you can turn it off. Search for similar other features and implement them in your app. Don’t you think voice navigation is basic simple functionality. This is what we achieved in GPS Navigation – Live Route Finder or Free Driving Directions – GPS Voice Navigation app. 

Google Calendar

Another feature that can be integrated easily in a GPS app is google calendar. Plan trip with GPS navigation calendar – user has five permission to access the calendar. They can check previously added permissions – just tap the location and start navigation.

Social Media Integration

Share destinations with friends and pick them up to continue your trip. Users of the app can share information about road repairs, traffic situations, gasoline prices etc.

Technologies Required To Build Navigation App

We have taken a look at the must-have features of the navigation app. Now check what tools and technologies are required for the GPS Driving Direction Route Planner app.

Find Out Device’s Current Location

Nearly all smart phones are equipped with GPS chips. These chips provide information about the timing and location of devices. This vital feature can’t be ignored as it collects info about current location. 

Maps And Driving Directions Navigation

You can’t think of developing a GPS tracking app without a navigation function. Use map box for building custom routing solutions, navigation SDKs, styled maps, APIs and a lot more. It streamlines geolocation data between driver and passenger. The navigation it provides to connect users is extraordinary.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

These days users want a full fledged application that can help them navigate from one location to another. Turn-by-turn navigation keeps users engaged with your application. Use Map box Navigation SDK  provides you a complete flexible platform that allows users to explore World’s streets. Map box navigation SDK supplies all the tools you require to add turn-by-turn navigation. 

Safety Within Your App

Safety within your app allows only authorised users to use the app. You can support authorisation within your app through social media accounts and email addresses. Twitter kit and Facebook SDKs are widely used to implement social logins.

Integrate Social Elements

Social media elements have become really popular in recent years. Using your app, users can share location based posts on Facebook, Instagram etc. They can chat on traffic issues and much more. 

Most Common Problems With GPS Apps

No matter which kind of application you make, complications and issues must be there. Following are some difficulties you face while creating navigation apps. 


Obviously, using a phone while driving is hard. Especially when using a navigation app with really small tabs and buttons. Even the text written on the maps is hard to read. This poor UI will eventually lead you to few users, dissatisfied users, and negative feedback. 

High Battery Consumption

Users want all navigation functions with minimal battery usage. If you want less battery consumption than you need an app that stores maps offline to your device. We can’t deny the fact that there are enough choices available for that. Free apps are mostly available with online maps but they cost your battery – consumes more battery.

Bounded Functionality

Although tons of GPS navigation apps are available, many of them fail to satisfy users. Now maps and driving directions apps offer only limited functionality like speed check, turn-by-turn navigation, route, but not more than that.

Suggestion for Developing a GPS Navigation App Like Free Driving Directions

These are some recommendations for developing a successful navigation app with much needed basic features.

Voice Instructions

Voice instruction allows drivers to drive safely without the need of looking frequently at mobile screens. They guide you when to turn, warn you of upcoming famous spots and turns. It would be best if your app kept instructing users even from lock screen and background.

Clean UI/UX Design

Design is what makes the apps appealing. Desirable designs have the power to keep users engaged but keep UX in mind too. Design thinking approach could help you create a mesmerising experience for users. Understand, explore and materialise are three phases of design thinking. 


An interesting and unique concept will help you achieve your goal. Buttons, tabs, contrasting elements should be big enough to click on easily. Text colour, fonts, icons must be convenient to see even in inconvenient situations. Remember only a catchy design can distinguish you from others, otherwise, you will be easily forgotten.

Power Saving

GPS app draining battery and fear of getting lost is something that users would not opt for. Make sure that the app doesn’t consume much power while it get you to your destination. Offline maps use minimal battery and they are free to download and use. 

Smart Navigation

Smart navigation is what users demand today. An app that leads them to their destination without any hustle, warn you of traffic jams, notify them of speed, nearby famous places, show gas prices etc. is much more appreciated.

Bottom Line

We can’t imagine daily lives with GPS apps. We need them every time we think of travelling. No doubt this technology has silently intruded in our routines. With over 100, 000+  downloads Driving Direction Route Planner: Place Finder app has shaken the market with its top notch features. From design to functionality this app has all covered.


Download Now: GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Route: Place Finder   

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